The Filtrative, Self renewing, Mimetic Body. With Roberta Zábojník
Eternity, her responsive body and other stories,
Another Summer
Floor is Lava
Blind Spot
Vertebra 2022
Seclusions 2010/2017
Complicity in the Making with Marko Tadic
Breeder. Kingdom Aves
Phylum: Porifera
She Was Unaware of Her Borders/Ego in habitat
Peter Bartoš: Concept of Bratislava ZOO
I Am Losing My Beauty Together With My Interest in Beautiful Things.
Becoming Animal
Landscapes expanding
Melampous / Birds
Utopian Display: Props & Tools
Sculptures and Objects
Waiting / Hypnerotomachia 2015/2017
Porifera / Parazoa / Cnidaria / Mushrooms on the Ruins
Sitting Together. Project by Zsuzsa Laszlo and Petra Feriancová
Melampous / Animal
Melampous / Associative Biology
Invisible Me
Invisible Me
Politics of Life 2016
Hydridae / Cnidaria
On Directing Air
Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος / FLOODS
Systems, Individuals, And Measuring Tools
An Exhibition on Doubt 2016
Survivals, Relicts, Souvenirs 2016
Found/Given/Evolution@Miart 2016
On Directing Air 2016
6575 Hours
Homeland 2015
The Infinite Lawn, 2015
Survivals, Relicts, Souvenirs 2015
Immortal / Cnidaria
24 Hours film 2014 and 5 Minutes in Second Sequences 2009
Gran Tourism/Humans/Pigeons/Veduta
Hybridae and Hydridae / Immortal
Vulnerable Yet Everlasting (From Archive Of Květa Fulierová) 2015
Survivals, Relicts, Souvenirs 2014
Time Measuring Device which includes Yellow, Blue, Red etc.
Waiting / Hypnerotomachia
Creatures 2013
Don't Turn Back / Ongoing
Growing Capital
I Still Can't Scrap
She Has the Sense of Limited Time 2010
Collector @ Remap3 Athens 2011
Contacts 2011
10th of May
An Order Of Things III 2014
Things That Happen, Things That Are Done. On Beginnings And Matter. 2014
Circle / Connecting Ends with Beginnings
Asymmetry (On Sadness of Being Unique)
Things That Are Done / Clay Genealogy 2014
Ulysees' Escape 2014
Furniture 2013
Playgrounds Revisited 2010-2012
Play / 2009
Every Day Has its Noon 2013
Verticals 2013
Shades / Antigona
Survivals, Relicts, Souvenirs 2013
Nesting, Breeding, Surviving 2013
In illo tempore 2011
Myths, Birds and Tusks / Bird Guide 2013
The Intrigues of the Gods / The Cave 2013
Fixing Probabilities
An Order Of Things II 2013
2 for balance 2007-2012
Wrong, (Against the Light) 2007
Displaying Galanda 2013-2016
Museum-Seclusion-Reflex / As If Everything That Surrounds Us is Gorgona & Initiative for Rescue of Original Museum Displays
Report On Wasting Of The Time 2012 / Antigona
Weikendorf I 2012
Weikendorf II 2012
A Study Of The Secondary Plan 2012
Postscriptum To Childe Harold's Pilgrimage 2011
Why Do I keep Reading the Same Books 2011
Theory of a City or the Possibilities of an A4 2011
Playgrounds 2010
Tales And Poems 2010
An Instance of the Fingerpost 2010
Repetition, Cut, Pair And Again 2010
Exhibited Not 2010
Spoken / Written 2008-2010
With My Mom, Dad, Granny, Sisters, Husband, Grandchildren... 2010
A Thing Of Mine That May Not Be Mine 2010
Exeunt 2009
Pantheon 2009
Comeback 2009 / connecting ends with the beginnings
2/3 2009
Seclusion 2009
Antigona: I'll be your Eyes / Film 2009 / Γραῖαι 2009 / Photos of Nothing
Play / Pythagorean Descent 2009 / Isolation Time
Unexhibited Before, Exhibited Now 2009
Creator 2008
A4, The Possibilities Of Use 2008
I Asked My Friends To Describe An Artwork To Me 2008
Surviving cause I can't Scrap Them 2007
Natural Selection 2008
A Thing Of Mine That May Not Be Mine 2007
Lost C / É Tardi 2007
Bastart 2006-2009
BASTART 2006-2009
Itinerario 2006
To Whom It May Concern / Love Letters 2006
Carlotta / oil paintings
Compressions 2005-2006
Almost Blow Up 2002
Victorian Boredom 2000-2002
Grand Tour 2000
Fuori di qui 2000
Lost in 1998
Eternal Myself
Exxit Qui Seminat 1998