Ego in Habitat
On Directing Air #2 2018: Selforganization and the Artsystem in Central Eastern Europe, Texts by Zsuzsa Laszlo, Dora Maurer, Jelena Vesic, Juliane Debeusscher
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On Directing Air #1 2018: Ivan Jurica: Central (Eastern) Europe In The Context Of Colonial Mentality
Květoslava Fulierová: Dolce Vita?
Petra Feriancová: Systems, Individuals, and Measuring Tools.
On Directing Air #2 / László Beke: On Directing (And Not Curating) Art.
On Directing Air #1 / Peter Bartoš: Grazing Of The Lamb. An Attempt To Reconstruct An Afternoon 2016
Status updates by Frantisek Ruzicka 2012/2013, edited by Petra Feriancová
Archive Of Květa Fulierová. Family. Edited by Petra Feriancová.
La Guida (within an Exhibition on Doubt at MAN)
Petra Feriancová: Vol. I family,
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