She Has the Sense of Limited Time 2010

She Has the Sense of Limited Time 2010

Presenting the works by david raymond conroy and martin vongrej, at the gallery for the 1st time, and the new works by gallery artist cyril blazo. the exhibition is in curatorial conception of Petra Feriancova. the show will last untill february 5th 2011.

introduction: the title of the show is a fragment of text from a man who is describing his, (at the time of writing already ex-) girlfriend. (in fact i was the subject)

the selection of artists for this show was given to me – the gallerist had the idea to invite two artists; david raymond conroy and martin vongrej, to realise projects in the gallery for the first time, alongside new works by two gallery artists; cyril blažo and myself – i was to act as both artist and coordinator. the architecture of the gallery is such that there are four separate spaces (three rooms and one transitional space) in which to exhibit. i saw this as an opportunity to escape some of the usual conditions of a group show and the curatorial role; and providing each person with a separate solo presentation, thus rendering unnecessary the need to take the co-exhibiting artists into consideration, or to simulate non-existing relationships.

this separation based on divided architecture of the space, the given list of artists and my person seemed to me to be the closest bond. (either i participate at this exhibition as exhibiting artist, coordinator or lightning conductor.) i could speculate about the possibilities of connecting the un-connectable about autonomy or disjunction but now i needn’t. this is a perfect model for that reasoning; the four artists remain separate, they do not communicate. in dual role i am split, half involved in the exhibition as a separate participant, half over the exhibition; watching, responsible, or at least the one who will be held responsible. at this moment i am the only one communicating with all participants and the only one controlling the preparations of the exhibition. my presence in this masculine company will be this time the position of a clutch, connector, bonding point, mediator.

for me, as a woman and an artist, the masculinity, masculine subject in the frame of western thinking is a big theme, and i have to admit that i admire this certain self-sufficiency and eccentricity of which only a masculine configuration is capable, therefore i want to keep a masculine form of this situation, even though, given my presence and through my words it´s a paradox, in fact impossible.

if it is really necessary i write then that all exhibiting artists have in common the fact, that only hardly will they want to have something in common with other this time exhibiting artists. in this way they fulfill byronian model of romantic and slightly misanthropic artist. furthermore these artists work on their own specific programmes examining the possibilities and limits of subjectivity.


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